Viewing and tracking shared links

You can view the shared links you have created. Tap Shared Links on the main menu. The screen shows all links you have shared in chronological order from latest to earliest.


Each shared link displays how many times the file has been downloaded. The list of shared links does not refresh automatically. Pull down the list to refresh it.

Copy or delete shared links

Tap the context menu bar for any shared link to perform the following actions:

  • Copy link: Copies the URL to your clipboard.
  • Delete: Removed the shared link. The file itself is not deleted.

Track shared links

Tracking information is available only for shared links that require users to log in and authenticate. Tracking information is not available for public or password-protected links.

If a file has been downloaded, tap the file in the Shared Links list to display information about who downloaded it and where.

To view who has downloaded the file, tap Downloads. You are provided the list of users who downloaded the file.

To view where the download occurred, tap Locations. You are provided with a list of locations where the file was downloaded. You can then tap a specific location for a list of users who downloaded the file in that location.

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