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Copying files on iPad

Copying files

  • Copy allows you to copy one or more files from one folder to another in Syncplicity.
  • When you tap Copy in the context menu or from the top drop-down menu, a drawer opens containing this file. You can drag and drop this copied file from the drawer to any destination folder and the file is pasted there.
  • You can also cancel after copying and before pasting by canceling the drawer.
  • You can edit the content of the drawer to remove any copied file.
  • Copy from file context menu allows you to copy only one file at a time. If you want to copy more than one file, use the copy option from the drop-down bar.

The screenshot below shows the drawer once you have copied your files. You can tap on the - icon next to any file to remove it from the copied drawer. Once you hit Done, you have copied the files in the drawer into the clipboard. You can then drag and drop those files to paste them.        


Pasting files

Once you have copied your files in the copy drawer, you can drag and drop these copied files into any folder as shown above, except folders where you have read-only permissions.

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