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Contextual actions on folders on on Android

There are various actions you can perform on folders. The contextual actions you can use on top-level folders differ from subfolders, as follows:

  • Only top-level folders allow the Follow and Activity actions.
  • The action for sharing a subfolder is slightly different than sharing a top-level folder, as described in Sharing a folder

Access top-level folders contextual actions

  1. Tap FILES in the main menu to view your top-level folders. 
  2. Tap the context menu icon to the right of the folder you want to view. The actions you can take display, including: 
  • Share: Shares this folder with other users in your Syncplicity account. You can also manage the existing shared participants for this folder or share this folder with new participants. See Sharing a folder for more information. 
    NOTE: This action will not display in the menu if the unshared folder contains a shared subfolder.
  • Favorite: Syncs your folders to your device for offline access. For details on Favorites, click here.
  • Follow: Keeps track of changes to any top-level folder within the Activity Feed. For details on Activity, click here.
  • Activity: Provides a history of changes to any top-level folder.
  • Add: Uploads multiple photos, videos, documents, or any other files directly from your device to any folder, as described in Adding photos, videos and audio files, or creates a new folder as described described in Creating folders.
  • Delete: Deletes the folder. You cannot restore a deleted top-level folder. For details, see Deleting folders.


Access subfolders contextual actions

  1. Navigate to the folder.
  2. Tap the menu icon to the right of a folder you want to view. The actions you can take display. 
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