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About Syncplicity Insights™ on iPad

Syncplicity Insights™ increase user productivity by automating mundane tasks.

Meeting Insights

Meeting Insights helps you to send a file or a document during or immediately before or after a meeting with the meeting attendees. 

When you take a photo or create a document while in a meeting, a notification is triggered that prompts you to share the file with the attendees of the currently running meeting(s). If you choose to share the file, the shared links interface is pre-populated with the email addresses of the meeting attendees.

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Usage Insights

Usage Insights notifies you of the three most active (defined as the number of create, update, delete events) folders in your account. This insight is triggered when you have not used the app for more than one day.

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Shared Link Insights

Shared Link Insights is triggered when a recipient has not downloaded the file that has been shared with them for more than one day. With just one tap you can send a reminder email through Syncplicity.

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