Sharing a folder

To share a folder that is not currently a Syncplicity folder:

  1. Navigate to the folder in your Finder window.
  2. Control-click on the folder.
  3. In the menu, click Share then Share with Syncplicity. Click More at the end of the menu if you do not see Share with Syncplicity.

    NOTE: If you have an earlier release of the Mac operating system, you may see Syncplicity in the menu. In this case, click Syncplicity then click Share Folder: <foldername> then proceed to the last step in this procedure. If the folder that you want to share does not have a check mark next to it, synchronize the folder first then restart this procedure.

  4. In the popup, choose Add to have only this folder available from your devices with the Syncplicity app, or choose Share to share the folder with other people. If you chose Share, a browser window opens and allows for folder sharing. Enter the email addresses of share recipients, set their permission level, write a message (optional) then click Share Folder.

Folder Sharing Policies

Your administrator may set folder sharing policies that affect how you can share your folders. There are two folder sharing policies.

  • Folder sharing policy that determines whether a top-level folder can be shared externally or not. If sharing a folder externally is prohibited by the administrator, you can only share with users within your Syncplicity company account.
  • External user folder re-sharing policy that determines whether or not you can re-share a folder, or only re-share the folder as an editor. If you do not have the permission to re-share a folder, you also cannot manage participants for that folder.

Re-sharing folders

Syncplicity allows you to selectively permit participants to re-share folders with others.

As the owner navigate to the Manage Folders page of the sharedfolder on which you want to control the re-sharing.

At the bottom of the page, you can control the re-sharing by either selecting the option to Allow everyone or Restrict sharing of the current folder. If you choose Restrict sharing, you can select specific participants to allow them to re-share the folder:


Sharing to others

  • Allow everyone: (default) Permits all participants of the folder to re-share the folder.
  • Restrict sharing: Allows you to select which participants are permitted to re-share the folder.

Notifications, when a folder is re-shared by a participant, can be enabled for the owner by selecting "Notify me when people are added".


  • With large groups of users, selecting the "Notify me when people are added" can result in a large number of email notifications. It is advisable to select this option when smaller groups of users are involved.
  • The external sharing policies are honored with re-sharing of folders. When the "External User Add Sharing Participants Policy" is set to "Do not allow external users to view participants or invite new participants to share company owned folders" or if the "Allow external users to view participants and invite new participants to share folders" policy is set to "only when external users' permission is editor" and the participant is external and not an Editor then is it not possible to permit re-sharing for that participant. For more information about external sharing policies read Folder sharing policies.
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