Introduction to Syncplicity for Windows

With the Syncplicity client for Windows, you can sync any folder on your desktop including your Documents, Desktop, Pictures and other folders. Syncplicity integrates with your operating system to provide seamless file management, backup, sharing, collaboration, and access to all of your files.

The Syncplicity Windows desktop client works with your existing files and file locations so you never need to move files into a special folder. Just right-click any folder and choose Add to Syncplicity. Once synced, you can easily share the folder, or a file within it, with other users. The client also allows local file browser (Windows Explorer) access to all folders and files that other users share with you. The client provides automatic version control as you save updates to files.

Windows Client Features

  • Backup and synchronization of your files between your desktop and mobile devices.
  • Add, remove, and share folders and files.
  • Secure your links to shared folders and files (Business and Enterprise Editions only).
  • Protect files and view protected files using the Syncplicity Secure Shared File feature (Enterprise Edition only). See About shared links and secure shared files for more information.
  • Synchronize and access shared folders shared by others.
  • View synchronization status indicator icons on files and folders in Windows Explorer.
  • View progress and status indicators in the Syncplicity Taskbar Panel.
  • Collaborate with others in Microsoft Office desktop applications with the Syncplicity App Tab.
  • Automatic client updates.
  • One-click to contact support and submit feedback.

Supported Languages

The Syncplicity Windows desktop client supports English, French, Italian, German and Spanish languages. Make sure that you set your Windows operating system display language to the desired language - English, French, Italian, German, or Spanish - and then restart your computer. If the operating system display language is set to a language other than the supported languages, the Windows desktop client defaults to English.

NOTE: The desktop client installation wizard is not localized; it is displayed in English.

For information on how to view the My Syncplicity web site in a language other than English, please follow the instructions in the My Syncplicity supported languages article.

Next Step

Installing the Windows desktop client


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