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About favorites

Favoriting of files and folders is a key functionality of the Syncplicity for iPhone app. You can favorite any file, top-level folder or a subfolder. Once you mark a folder or file as a favorite, the content is synced locally to your device so that you can quickly access it, even when offline. You can interact with these files just like any other file; however, as they are always stored on the device, there is never any worry about having to download the file while on the go. Favorited content is continuously synced when the app is actively running either in foreground or background (not suspended in background) and the iPhone is connected to the network.

Should the app be interrupted due to network loss or app suspension then is restored, the app continues syncing the favorite items from where it left off, instead of starting from the beginning.

Since large folders and files can take a lot of space, as well as time to download, you should only favorite those folders and files that you wish to access quickly.

To favorite a file or a folder, tap the context menu () of a file or a folder and then tap Favorite. Once you favorite a file or folder, you see an orange star icon on the top right of the file or folder. In the example below, the Collateral and Content Management folders are marked as favorite.

NOTE: When you mark a folder as a favorite, it displays the size in MB underneath the folder name.

Once a folder or a file is favorited, the content is synced locally. It may take a lot of time to favorite a folder or a file depending on the size of the folder or the file.

If a folder is favorited, all subfolders or files inside are shown by a green checkmark indicating that the content is synced. For example, the Collateral folder has been favorited, so all folders and files inside would be shown by a green checkmark indicating that the content is synced. If a file was marked as a favorite separately, only that file is shown with a star icon.

To view your favorites, tap Favorites from the main menu. Refer to the Working with favorite files and folders article for more information. 

NOTE: If you are using the Syncplicity app on a MobileIron managed device, the favorites are not synced unless the Syncplicity app is in the foreground. You should open the Syncplicity app before going offline to make sure your favorites are in sync.

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