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Sharing a folder

As described in Understanding synchronizing and sharing folders, you can share folders with others. Sharing a folder shares all the files and subfolders within it.

You can share a folder from different locations. In Windows Explorer, right-click on the folder, select Syncplicity then select Share folder.

From the Syncplicity Taskbar Panel, perform the following:

  1. Click the Syncplicity () icon in your taskbar.
  2. Click Manage in the Taskbar Panel.

The Manage Folders window opens.

Select the folder you wish to share then click the Share folder button. Your web browser opens to the Share Your Folder page at

Enter the e-mail addresses for the one or more users with whom you want to share the folder. Also, for users who have the Groups feature enabled, optionally enter one or more group names.

Determine the permission. When adding others to a share, different permissions can be given to different recipients such as restricting some users to only have read access to a given folder through the Reader permission versus granting others the Editor permission to allow them to modify files and folders within a shared folder. If you are not the owner and have reader permission, you can grant only reader permission to other users.


Once a folder is shared, the recipient automatically has access to the folder. Share recipients are required to have Syncplicity user accounts or be running the Syncplicity client. Share recipients, who do not have a Syncplicity account, will be asked to create a temporary account with an email address and password to access the shared folder. For Enterprise Edition and Business Edition users, your administrator may have set policy restrictions prohibiting sharing with non-company users.

Re-sharing folders

Syncplicity allows you to selectively permit participants to re-share folders with others.

As the owner navigate to the Manage Folders page of the sharedfolder on which you want to control the re-sharing.

At the bottom of the page, you can control the re-sharing by either selecting the option to “Allow everyone” or “Restrict sharing” of the current folder. When choosing to “Restrict sharing” you can select specific participants to allow them to re-share the folder.


Sharing to others

  • Allow everyone: This default option permits all the participants of the folder to re-share the folder
  • Restrict sharing: This option allows you to select which participants are permitted to re-share the folder

Notifications when a folder is re-shared by a participant can be enabled for the owner by selecting the option “Notify me when people are added”.

Note: With large groups of users, selecting the “Notify me when people are added” can result in a large number of email notifications. It is advisable to select this option when smaller groups of users are involved.

Note: The external sharing policies are honored with re-sharing of folders. When the “External User Add Sharing Participants Policy” is set to “Do not allow external users to view participants or invite new participants to share company owned folders” or if the “Allow external users to view participants and invite new participants to share folders” policy is set to “only when external users’ permission is editor” and the participant is external and not an Editor then is it not possible to permit re-sharing for that participant. For more information about external sharing policies read Folder sharing policies.

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