Sharing a file

This topic describes how to create and share public and secured links in My Syncplicity.

NOTE: For details about shared links, see Shared Links and Secure Shared Files 

You can share a link (URL) to a file containing one of the following access rights:

  • Full access (public shared link)
  • Restricted access (secured shared link)
  • Protected access (only available when you create a secured shared link)

To view files from My Syncplicity:

  1. Click files at the top navigation page.
  2. Click on the files submenu.

From here, you can create a public or secured shared link.

Create a public shared link

To create a public shared link, do not apply protection and email or copy the link as follows:

NOTE: Depending on your configuration, you may not see an option to apply protection. In other cases, your administrator may require you to apply protection.

  1. In a Syncplicity folder, select the file that you want to share. 

  2. Right-click on the file and click share link
  3. Select one of the following:
    • Email Link - (this option may not be available depending upon your configuration) You are prompted to enter the recipients’ email addresses.
    • Copy Link - The link (URL) is copied to your clipboard. You can paste it into an email, instant message, web page, etc. Recipients who access this link can quickly retrieve this file.

Create a secured shared link

To create a secured shared link, you must apply protection prior to emailing or copying the link as follows:

  1. In a Syncplicity folder, navigate to the file that you want to share. 
  2. Right-click on the file and click share link.
  3. Click the Apply protection link to display the protection settings.

  4. Your administrator may require one or more of the following settings.

    • Require users to login to their Syncplicity account
    • Require users to enter a password
    • Require users to login their Syncplicity account and enter a password
    • Set an expiration date for the link to no longer be accessed

Require recipients to login / Require users to enter a password

  1. Select the Require recipients to login check box and enter or select an email address.
  2. (Optional) Click Add a message and enter the text for the email recipients.
  3. Select a  Reader or Editor role for the recipients. As you make your choice, the permission set for that role is displayed.  
    NOTE: This option enables the secure shared file feature.
  4. If a password is required, select the Require recipients to enter a password check box and click the password generator icon to create a password. 
    NOTE: The generated password generated is not sent with the email; therefore, you must to send it separately to the recipients.
  5. Select one of the following:
    • Email Link - If the recipient is logged into their Syncplicity account they receive immediate access to the link.
    • Generate Link - The link (URL) is generated. You can paste it into an email, instant message, web page, etc. 

NOTE:  If you select Email Link and the recipient is activated, but not logged in to their Syncplicity account, they are redirected the "A file has been shared with you" page. If the recipient does not have an activated Syncplicity accountthey will have ability to resend the activation email to activate their account. 




Set an expiration for the shared link

To set an expiration for the link, enter the number of days  for the recipients to access the file using the shared link. After this time, the link is invalid.  

NOTE: If your administrator has already defined the expiration date for shared links, you can only change the expiration date to a lower number.

You can always disable access to your files or change the secure shared file settings. For details, see Managing shared links.


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