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About activity feed

The Activity Feed provides instant access for you to review activity on files and folders. You can choose to selectively follow the items that you care about or follow all items in your account. You can easily view relevant information and stay up-to-date with events listed in chronological order. By default, no folder or file is followed.

The activities include creation, deletion and updates, along with who performed the activity and when.

The activity feed is grouped based on dates. You can pull up to view older activities. The list does not automatically refresh. You need to pull down the list of activities to update it.

To view your Activity Feed, tap mceclip0.png  in the navigation menu.

Within the Activity Feed, you can perform the following actions on a file. Click on the contextual menu icon to the right of the file name:

  • Versions - Go back in time with full access to every file's previous versions.
  • Open In: Opens the file in any of the apps on your iPad
  • Share link - Create a shared link to the file.
  • Open - Opens the file in Syncplicity
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