Managing shared folders for the group

Folders and the files within those folders can be shared with groups. While managing groups, you can easily view all the folders shared with a specific group.

To manage the shared folders for a group, log in to as an administrator. Click admin in the menu then click groups. The Manage Groups page shows the number of shared folders for each group. In the example below, the Corporate group has 2 shared folders.

To find a specific group, enter a full or partial group name in the search field. To refine the search, enter a full or partial name of a policy set. You must press Enter or click the search icon to initiate the search.

Click the name of a group to open its Manage Group page. In the Shared Folders section, you can change the group’s permission for each of the shared folders to one of the following. Make sure to click Save to apply your changes.

  • Editor: Group has read/write access.
  • Reader: Group has read access only.
  • None: Group cannot access the folder.

For more granular control of a shared folder, click admin > folders to open the Manage Folders page. For more information, refer to Managing your company’s folders.

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