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Allocating storage quota for a group

A Syncplicity Business Edition account has only one source of storage, which is called the company quota. A Syncplicity Enterprise Edition account, by default, has access to one source of storage, which is called a StorageVault. However, additional StorageVaults can be added to the account. In either case, a group has access to only one source of storage, either the company storage for Business Edition users or a specific StorageVault for Enterprise Edition users.

By default, every Syncplicity Business and Enterprise Edition user has access to the full storage quota. In an example where a company with 500 GB quota has a 500 GB group with 5 members, each member can use up to 500 GB. Once the 500 GB is consumed, clients for that account can no longer upload or download files even though individual users may still have space available in their quota.

You can use the storage quota feature to limit the amount of space for each group. This feature applies the specified quota to each member of the group. For example, a group has 10 members and the storage quota is set to 2GB; each member can access 2 GB of storage. If all members reach their limit, the group uses 20 GB. Storage quotas apply to active files, as well as previous versions and deleted content that has not been permanently deleted.

Storage Quota Rules

The following describes how the storage quota features performs under various conditions:

  • A user has access to the entire company quota (Business Edition) or default StorageVault (Enterprise Edition) if not a member of a group, or if a member of groups with storage quota disabled.
  • A user has access to the largest storage quota when the user is a member of multiple groups with storage quota enabled. For example, the user has 10GB storage allocated when belonging to a group with 5 GB storage quota and another group with 10 GB.
  • If removed from a group or a group is deleted, the user’s quota is determined by the other groups, if any.
  • If a user goes over quota as a result of administrator action such as moving the user to a lower quota group, that user can no longer upload or download any file. Users over quota are shown in red under the total storage consumed column in the Manage Users page. Reports can be also used to find users over quota.

When a user’s quota is exceeded, the user cannot upload or download files. 

View and manage storage quota for groups

Click admin > groups to open the Manage Groups page. The Manage Groups page displays the amount of storage quota for each group. A number is not shown if storage quota is not enabled. In the example below, each member of the Corporate group can use up to 8GB of storage. The Executive group does not have storage quota enabled.

You can enable the storage quota feature when creating or editing a group. To enable storage quota, check the Enable Storage Quota option and enter a value in the textbox. You can also increase or decrease the storage amount, as well as disable the storage quota feature by unchecking the box. For more information, see Editing and removing groups.

View storage quota for all users

You can click admin > user accounts to open the Manage users page and view the storage quota per user instead of per group. This page also displays the amount of storage currently consumed by each user. For users who are in multiple groups with different StorageVaults, the storage consumed is the total of storage consumed across all the StorageVaults.

You can click a user’s name for detailed information on storage allocation and consumption. You can see the storage quota and consumption details in the "Storage by user" report.

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