Navigating folders

The navigation works as a sheet-based navigation. This allows you to navigate through deep folder hierarchies via an intuitive interface that represents folder hierarchies as sheets that you can swipe through. 

To start navigating:

  1. Log in to Syncplicity and tap the folder icon in the main navigation menu to view folders and files.
  2. Tap any folder to go inside that folder. The new level comes as a sheet on top of the parent folder. 
  3. Navigate through the sheets and browse quickly to deep hierarchies. When you are inside a hierarchy, you can quickly swipe up or down any of the parent folder hierarchies. You can view three sheets in portrait mode and four sheets in landscape mode.
  • Swiping left to right slowly drags the topmost sheet while swiping left to right quickly on a sheet takes out that sheet completely.
  • Tap the  full screen icon () at any level to see the hierarchy in full screen. 
  • Tap the back icon to go back to the parent hierarchies (up one level). From the top-level folder, the back icon is not available.
  • Inside any folder, you can find more subfolders and files. Top-level folders, subfolders and files have different contextual actions. At any point, you can quickly move out of the folder navigation by tapping any other icon such as Offline or Activity Feed.
  • Tapping the folder icon on the main navigation bar takes you back to folder navigation.

The following screen shows a folder navigation with four level deep folder hierarchies. You can quickly navigate to any folder in any of these levels using this navigation paradigm. The back icon shows the Newsletter, Programs and Webinars folders as the top sheet.

A folder view includes both folders and files, note that each of the folders icon in the view changes based on the type of folder. Each of the folders listed in the view are marked to indicate the ownership and share status:

Your personal folders available for access and downloading files.

Personal folders you shared with others.

Folders others have shared with you.
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