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Syncplicity Secure Shared Links

We are excited to announce the launch of Syncplicity Secure Shared Links for our Business Edition and Enterprise Edition customers. Secure Shared Links enable users to securely send large files from any folder on their Mac or PC with no extra steps—any file in a Syncplicity folder can be sent with a simple right-click of a mouse. Recipients of the Shared Link can download the file and always get the latest version. And, users no longer need to grapple with email attachment limits or FTP sites for simple file transfer.

This functionality extends our previous “shareable links” feature and adds several new features for users:

  • Restrict Recipient Access : You may restrict access to a shared file to only the recipient(s) you specify. This way, if someone forwards a link to an unauthorized recipient, that recipient cannot download the file. Of course, you can still create “public” Shared Links if your organizational policy permits it.
  • Require Password: You can now add password protection to Shared Links
  • No need to cut/paste links. In the online file browser you may right-click on a file and enter email addresses of recipients and automatically email the Shared Link. There’s no need to cut and paste the link in an email.
  • Download Tracking: Users can view who has downloaded the shared files, how many times they have been downloaded, and when they were last downloaded.
  • No File Size Restrictions: No matter whether you use cloud storage or on premise storage, there are no file size limitations.


We’ve also enabled several features to keep IT admins in control.

  • Set Link Expiration: Set a company-wide policy to automatically expire links after a specified timeframe.
  • Require Restricted Access: Set a policy to require users to restrict access to authorized recipients and not allow “public” Shared Links.
  • Require Password: Ensure that users cannot create a Shared Link without requiring a password.
  • Set Password Policy: Set a company-wide policy for password strength.
  • Monitor Usage. Audit and track file download activity via Syncplicity’s file, folder, and user reports.


Action Required: Update Syncplicity Client Apps by July 1, 2013

The new Secure Shared Link feature requires an upgrade of your desktop and mobile clients. To accommodate your internal process for deploying Syncplicity Client updates, we are enabling this feature in a phased approach and are giving you time to perform the desktop and mobile client upgrades.

Here is what you need to do to prepare for the upgrade:

  1. Upgrade your desktop clients as soon as possible. You can download the latest clients for PC and MAC. See below for minimum versions.
    • On June 24, Syncplicity will enable automatic client upgrade feature to push the latest clients to all users. If you haven’t enabled the Upgrade Restrictions policy, your users will be prompted to upgrade their clients at that time.
    • If you have a managed desktop environment and do not allow automatic Syncplicity updates, we recommend upgrading the clients for users by June 24.
  2. Updated mobile clients will automatically be pushed via the app store for both  iOS and Android
  3. You will see the new Shared Link policies in your admin console on July 1, but if you are ready sooner, you may request that we enable them for your account by emailing us at


Enabling Secure Shared Links for Your Users

Once you have updated all your users to the latest client apps and we’ve enabled the Secure Shared Link policies in your admin console, you can set default policies for your account. Once that happens, your users can make use of the new security features.

IMPORTANT: If you enable Secure Shared Link policies and some users have not upgraded their Syncplicity client apps, those users will no longer be able to use Shared Links until they perform the upgrade. Therefore, upgrading all users prior to July 1 is highly recommended.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at and we will be happy to help with this transition or answer your questions.

The Syncplicity Team

Minimum Client App Versions for Secure Shared Links:

  • Windows: 2.5.4893 
  • Mac:
  • iOS: 2.3.2 (waiting for Apple approval)
  • Android: 2.4.2
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