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September 2013 Release Notes

New Major Features:

New Windows Desktop Client:
Native Secure Shared Links
  • Users can now generate secure shared links natively form within our new Windows desktop client
  • This removes the additional step of launching the online file browser and allows user to crate secure shared links directly from their desktop
AD Sync: Group Membership Sync with OneLogin
  • AD group membership sync is added to the AD user provisioning ad deprovisioning, and SAML SSO integration already provided with OneLogin
  • This allows IT departments to use AD groups to manage Syncplicity group membership
  • AD group membership can now be used to facilitate group sharing and quota assignment within Syncplicity
AD Sync: User Provisioning and Deprovisioning with Okta
  • AD user provisioning and deprovisioning to Syncplicity is now also provided by Okta, a leading cloud-based identity provider
  • This partnership further expands the options available to our customers when it comes to AD user sync - OneLogin, PingFederate, and now Okta
  • IT departments of joint Syncplicity-Okta customers will be able to administer their user in AD and easily determine which users will be automatically provisioned with an account in Syncplicity.


Release details:

Windows Desktop Client

  • Added ability for users to generate secure shared links natively from within the new Windows desktop client
  • Added ability to set login required to download files for shared links even if the policy is not turned on by the admin
  • Added ability to set password for shared links even if the policy is not turned on by the admin
  • Added ability to automatically generate password for shared links using smart password generator. Password generator respects the minimum number of characters required by admin and generates a complex password
  • Added ability to view the number of days for the shared link to expire
  • Added ability to email the shared link directly from the client or email from native client using single click
  • Added ability to turn off secure shared links when all admin policies for shared links are turned off

Mobile Clients:

iOS - Syncplicity for Good: 2.4.3, now available in App Store:

  • Compatibility with iOS 7 version of Good Dynamics (SP3)


Android - Syncplicity for Good : 2.3.5, now available in the Play Store:

  • Users can now require recipients to enter a password, or require recipients to be authenticated to Syncplicity (or both) before being able to download a shared file
  • Shared link settings allow users to disable advanced functionality if needed
  • Fixed "share with" for AutoCAD files
  • Added storage quota exceeded message

Web Client and Server:

  • OneLogin - AD group membership sync
    • When enabled in OneLogin, AD group membership sync causes users provisioned in Syncplicity to also be made members of the Syncplicity groups that correspond to their AD group memberships
    • Groups with the same names as in AD must be pre-created in Syncplicity. Group mapping can be configured to be automatic or manual
    • AD group memberships will be propagated to Syncplicity for all new and updated users in AD that are also provisioned in Syncplicity
    • Syncplicity group membership, which is used to provide folder and file sharing access, and file storage quota assignment, can now be controlled by AD group membership
  • Okta - AD user provisioning and deprovisioning
    • AD driven user provisioning and de-provisioning in Syncplicity - now also available via Okta
    • Automatically provision accounts in Syncplicity when users are added to specified security groups within the AD tree
    • Automatically, de-provision accounts in Syncplicity when users are disabled, deleted or removed from specified security groups within the AD tree
  • Okta - SAML SSO with AD managed passwords
    • SAML 2.0 based single-sign-on to Syncplicity with AD credentials - now also available with Okta
  • Security improvements
    • Event Notifications
    • Device added, Device removed, Password changed, Email address updated, Authentication settings updated, Admin account added, Admin account removed, Account upgraded to admin, etc.
    • Added NOINDEX tags on share/download pages so Google won’t index shared links
    • Single Use AuthTokens
    • Longer random string used for shared links
    • Users prompted to remove/unlink devices when resetting password


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