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Potential differences due to post processing


On the Job Reports, there can be situations where the destination values are inflated or logs indicating additional files created when using SharePoint platforms as the destination. 

  • Job Overview Report, bytes transferred may be larger than the source due to post-processing on the destination platform
  • Job Item and Log Report, a conflict copy of the file may be created on the destination due to post-processing on the destination platform 
    • A conflict copy will be the same file appended with a timestamp
    • See: Conflict Policy

SharePoint Post-Processing

SharePoint based storage providers have a post-processing step called ‘property demotion’ which occurs when a file is uploaded to a Document Library. 

  • When a file is uploaded, SharePoint determines whether a parser is associated with the file type

  • If one is, SharePoint invokes the parser, passing it the document and a property bag object. The parser then either fills the property bag with values that need to be promoted to the list or extracts from the property bag the values that need to be demoted to the document
  • When demoting values to a document, the document size may change. This can result in the overall number of bytes transferred to the destination being reported as larger than the source

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