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Reports dashboard

The Dashboard provides an overview of what's been happening across all your content. The information does not include jobs in progress--only completed runs.

The top graph is a roll up of all your jobs that have transferred content in the last two weeks.  The light blue line represents the data moved during the previous week, and the dark blue line represents the data moved during the current week. Hovering the mouse over the graph displays the actual values for the points in time, both past and present.

The Important next steps section identifies the number of flagged items (items that didn't transfer automatically). The items awaiting instruction should be reviewed to ensure the DataHub jobs are running as expected. You can click the Flagged items link to go to the flagged items page to review the items.

The donut charts provide a visual breakdown of the information. The graph on the left presents a global view of all flagged items. It identifies the number of items that didn't transfer because a policy set for the jobs indicated they should be ignored, and it identifies the number of items DataHub will retry to transfer. The flagged items awaiting instruction are listed in this graph, too. The percentages indicate what percentage each category makes up of the overall untransferred content. Click Manage flagged items to go to the Flagged items page. 

The graph on the right provides insights into the number of jobs that have met their stop policies (entered a completed status). It also identifies the number of jobs that haven't met stop policies and the number of jobs that don't have stop policies defined. Click View jobs to go to the Jobs page. 

Reports REST API - Summary of all Jobs

Total # Jobs, Total Runs Occurred

GET {{url}}v1/reports/all/stats?fields=transfer_stats

Total Value of Data Identified, Data Resolved

Cumulative total of source bytes:
GET {{url}}v1/transfers/stats/by_status
Cumulative total of destination bytes:
GET {{url}}v1/transfers/stats/by_status

Reports REST API - Timeline

Dashboard Timeline

GET {{url}}v1/transfers/stats/timeline?range=2w

Reports REST API - Important Next Steps

Stop Policy

GET {{url}}v1/reports/all/stats?fields=transfer_stats

Reports REST API - List All Stats for a Given Time Period

List All Reports for the Last 2 Weeks

GET {{url}}v1/reports/all/stats?range=2w

List All Stats for the Last 2 Weeks

GET {{url}}v1/transfers/stats?range=2w

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