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Large item policy


Large item policy determines DataHub behavior when encountering items which are too large to be uploaded to given platform. (i.e. files over 15Gb to Office365). 

Recommended if you have content that may violate a given platform's file size policy


Job JSON Example

Large Item Policy options include:

  • fail (default) - failed item will be reported as error in the transfer audit log
  • skip - file will be skipped/ignored and an informational activity logged. In the database, this will be in the transfer items table with a status item value of 5. In the UI Log Report, the message will state “The item was too large to transfer into the destination storage platform: /….


    "name":"Simple Transfer Job with Large Item Policy",
    "kind": "transfer",
    "transfer": {
        "large_item": "skip",
        "transfer_type": "copy",
        "source": {
            "connection": { "id": "{{nfs_connection}}" },
            "target": {
                "path": "/SourcePath"
        "destination": {
            "connection": { "id": "{{cloud_connection}}" },
            "target": {
                "path": "/DestinationPath"
    "schedule": {
        "mode": "manual"

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