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Duplicate name policy


When duplicate names are encountered during transfer, DataHub will rename

Policy can be set with duplicate_names:

  • warn
  • rename (default)

Ensure to configure this policy when using the Bulk Migration API | Batch Mode 

Job JSON Example

    "name":"Simple Transfer Job with Duplicate Name Policy",
    "kind": "transfer",
    "transfer": {
        "duplicate_names": "rename",
        "transfer_type": "copy",
        "source": {
            "connection": { "id": "{{nfs_connection}}" },
            "target": {
                "path": "/SourcePath"
        "destination": {
            "connection": { "id": "{{cloud_connection}}" },
            "target": {
                "path": "/DestinationPath"
    "schedule": {
        "mode": "manual"

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