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Filter by extensions or type


Files are filtered by extensions using the filter_extension or extension filter type. The only other attribute for this rule is the extensions attribute, which takes an array of file extensions.

Please also see the Configuring Predefined Groups section below for information on how predefined groups cover large numbers of extensions for particular file types such as images.

Below is a description of the two attributes:



extensions An array of file extensions to which the filter applies. These are listed in the format "[extension]" (e.g. "txt" will match *.txt files such as notes.txt). The initial period in the extension is not required.
type filter_extension or extension are the only allowable values for this filter type. Both values signify the same filter.

Example 1 - DataHub API

    "transfer": {
        "filter": {
            "source": [{
                    "action": "exclude",
                    "rules": [{
                            "extensions": [
                            "type": "filter_extension"
                    "type": "filter_rule"

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