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Empty container, folder policy


The Empty Container policy allows the user to control whether empty containers (folders) are included in the transfer.  This includes folders with no content and/or folders with all content filtered out by specified filter criteria.

Options include:

  • Do not transfer empty containers: "empty_containers": "skip"
  • Transfer empty containers: "empty_containers": "create"

Example JSON

POST {{url}}v1/jobs

  "name":"Empty Container Policy",
  "kind": "transfer",
  "transfer": {
      "audit_level": "error",
      "transfer_type": "copy",
      "empty_containers": "skip",
      "source": {
        "connection": { "id": "{{cloud_connection_source}}" },
      "destination": {
        "connection": { "id": "{{cloud_connection_destination}}" },
        "target": {
          "path": "/DestinationPath"
  "schedule": {
    "mode": "manual"

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