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Impersonation with a read-only or disabled user

When setting up jobs with impersonation, there are several types of users to choose from.  If you choose a read-only or disabled user, your job may not perform as expected. 

In this situation, you have several options

  1. Select a different user:  Maybe you selected the read-only or disable user by mistake.  Simply select a different user to continue unimpeded.
  2. Update the user within the platform:  Someone may be able to log into the platform and update the user.
  3. Continue with the selected user:  The job may perform properly with the selected user.  You can attempt to continue with the selected user.

Different platforms treat these types of users differently. 

For example, if Syncplicity is your source platform and you setup your job to impersonate as a read-only user, the job will not run because Syncplicity will throw an error as soon as DataHub tries to access any data. If you choose a disabled Syncplicity user to impersonate as, you will be able to access the data and run a DataHub job.

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