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Maximum path length


Each platform has their defined maximum path length requirements. This is the number of characters allowed in your path length. 

For example, /Documents/Parent_Folder/Child_Folder

Using the Platform Comparison tool, you can validate what your source and destination connections support.

For example, If GSuite supports 500 character max path length but Box only supports 255 character max path length, DataHub will flag this for remediation since the path from the source violates the max path requirements on the destination

How to List Connection Features & Limitations

Ensure you have an established connection before making the following call

Connection Features

GET {{url}}v1/connections/{{cloud_connection}}?include=features

To list general supported features for a given platform, make the following call. No connection is required

Platform Features

GET {{url}}v1/connections/platforms/{{platform_id}}?fields=all

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