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Zip unsupported file types, restricted content

Enabling this behavior allows DataHub to compress any file that is not supported on the destination into a .zip format before being transferred. This will be done instead of flagging the item for manual remediation and halting the transfer of the file.

For example, if you attempt to transfer the file "db123.cmd" from a Network File Share to Sharepoint, DataHub will compress the file to "" before transferring it over, and thus avoiding an error message. 

Job JSON Example

Zip Unsupported / Restricted Content options include:

  • convert (default) | Zip restricted content so that it can be transferred successfully
  • fail | Log an error if restricted content is encountered
  • warn | Log a warning if restricted content is encountered
  • skip | Ignore if restricted content is encountered

In the DataHub "Create Job" UI, Zip Unsupported File Types on the behavior options is equivalent to "restricted_content": "convert" configured in your job JSON

Zip Restricted Content Example

  "name":"Simple Job with Zip Restricted Content",
  "kind": "transfer",
  "transfer": {
      "audit_level": "trace",
      "transfer_type": "copy",
      "restricted_content": "convert",
      "segment_transform": "true",
      "versioning": {
        "preserve": "native"
      "source": {
        "connection": { "id": "{{cloud_connection_source}}" }
      "destination": {
        "connection": { "id": "{{cloud_connection_destination}}" },
        "target": {
          "path": "/DestinationPath"
  "schedule": {
    "mode": "auto"

Platform Restricted Content 

To determine what is restricted content for your given platform or connection, use the following:

To list general supported features for a given platform, make the following call. No connection is required

GET Platform ID's Based on Your License

GET {{url}}v1/connections/platforms?fields=all&active=1

Platform Features

GET {{url}}v1/connections/platforms/{{platform_id}}?fields=all

Ensure you have an established connection before making the following call

Connection Features

GET {{url}}v1/connections/{{cloud_connection}}?include=features

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