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Shared with me

In Office 365 and OneDrive for Business, a user can share a file or folder with another user which will create metadata that populates a view in the user's OneDrive for Business account. This is called Shared With Me and it will provide links to the content. This allows a user to easily navigate to all the content available to them.

When DataHub uses CSOM calls to set permissions on content, this metadata is automatically populated; no additional configuration is needed. This functionality cannot be turned off in CSOM. For consistency, it also cannot be turned off when using the migration API (batch mode).

Expected Behavior

When "permissions": "add" or "diff" is defined for your job, the following behavior is expected for the Share With Me feature:

  • Shared With Me view on OneDrive for Business should be populated with files that are shared with the user across other OneDrive for Business accounts
  • Shared With Me view on OneDrive for Business should be populated from files shared via team sites on the main SharePoint instance
  • Permissions should be correct on the shared files
  • User should be able to share the files/folders with additional users through the OneDrive for Business/SharePoint User Interface 
  • Shared With Me should be populated from libraries created by DataHub when it shares the files

Preservation Policy

Permission preservation policy determines how you want permissions to be applied with your job execution(s). There are 3 options available:

  • Disable Preserve item Permissions | none - No permissions will be passed from source to destination (this is the default)
  • Add Permissions | add - Current permissions existing on impending transfers (on files or folders) will be preserved as they are transferred on both the source and the destination (recommended setting)
  • Prefer the permissions on Source | diff - Reconciled permissions, which will remove permissions from the destination if they do not match the source. This will keep things in sync in the event that the destination folder levels more permission than the source. This is a good option for sync jobs that are constantly moving back and forth to keep everything as intended


Important Note:

  • Date Shared and Shared By column will not be populated at this time
  • Feature coming soon!

Supported Platforms

  • Office 365
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Office 365 OAuth 2.0
  • OneDrive for Business OAuth 2.0
  • SharePoint 2013 (CSOM only)
  • SharePoint 2016 (CSOM only)

Configuration Options

Not applicable; feature is automatic with permissions configuration and cannot be disabled

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