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Box tags - SharePoint enterprise keywords

In Box, the Tags feature allows you to mark, sort, and easily search for related files. Once enabled, users will have the ability to filter and search for files based on shared tags.

In SharePoint, the Enterprise Keywords feature allows users to add enterprise keywords to items on a SharePoint site to use for tagging and to develop a folksonomy.  

DataHub can preserve these tags when transferring content between Box and SharePoint platforms; in both one-direction (copy / migrate) and bi-directional (sync). 


  • Only Box Tags for files are supported. Box tags on folders are not transferred
  • Box tags added on the source after initial transfer will not be picked up on subsequent runs. However, if the file was modified we would pick up the new file version and the new tag would then transfer in this situation. 
    • Metadata would behave the same way

Supported Platforms

  • Box (Tags)
  • Office 365 (Enterprise Keywords)
  • Sharepoint 2016 (Enterprise Keywords)
  • OneDrive for Business (Enterprise Keywords) only visible in "classic OneDrive" view

User Experience

Migrated Tags to Enterprise Keywords in OneDrive for Business will surface documents when searching by keyword. However, the tags/keyword would not be visible to the user in the default view; only visible in "classic OneDrive" view. 

Microsoft's current guidance suggest that any content containing tags or metadata would be best migrated to Office 365 / SharePoint Online sites


Tags (none) - Default

  • No tags/Enterprise Keywords will be propagated to the destination

Tags (add) 

  • Distinct Tags/Enterprise Keywords will be propagated and will be added to any that already exist on the destination 

Tags (overwrite)

  • Tags/Enterprise Keywords will be propagated and will overwrite any that already exist on the destination


In SharePoint, the Enterprise Keywords column must be enabled. See Microsoft documentation for further details

Invalid Tags

When a Box tag is created with characters that are not supported in SharePoint, DataHub will flag as a warning in the logs and transfer the file without the invalid tag

Example log for an invalid tag:

  • "event": "tags_warn" thrown. The value '<>' is invalid

Example JSON

  "name":"Box to O365 - Tags to Enterprise Keywords",
  "kind": "transfer",
  "transfer": {
      "audit_level": "trace",
      "tags": "add",
      "transfer_type": "copy",
      "source": {
        "connection": { "id": "{{cloud_connection_source}}" },
      "destination": {
        "connection": { "id": "{{cloud_connection_destination}}" },
        "target": {
          "path": "/O365Path"
  "schedule": {
    "mode": "manual"

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