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Deleting jobs using REST API

DataHub REST API supports deleting jobs based on a job ID or based on parameters. You can delete jobs using the following requests.

System jobs can’t be deleted.

Delete a Job

The call below deletes a single job.

DELETE {{url}}v1/jobs/{{job}}

Delete Multiple Jobs

You have the option of deleting multiple jobs based on the job ID or deleting all jobs that meet specified parameters.

Delete Multiple Jobs by ID

The call below deletes multiple jobs. The jobs need to be properly identified by the job ID. Each ID should be separated by a comma.

DELETE {{url}}v1/jobs?jobs=job1,job2,job3

Delete Multiple Jobs by Query

The call below deletes multiple jobs based specified parameters.

DELETE {{url}}v1/jobs?parameter=value&parameter=value

In the following example, all jobs that have Amazon S3 as the source and contain the text “test” in the name will be deleted.

DELETE {{url}}v1/jobs?sources=amazon-s3&q=test

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