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Configure SMTP Server - REST API

Configuring the SMTP server determines the mail server and account that will be used to generate the global email notifications. Once you add the information, you can test the connection to ensure no additional settings need to be added for the notifications to work.



Server name (required)

The fully qualified domain name of the SMTP service

Server port

The SMTP service port number. (In most cases this will be port 587; however, ports 25 or 465 may be utilized but are not preferred.

For more information on SMTP ports, see here:


The default sender; if not specified, user name will be used

Username (required)

The STMP server username

Depending on the service this could be your email address

Password (required)

The SMTP service password

Depending on the service this could be your email password

Configure the SMTP Server

PATCH {{url}}v1/notifications/handlers/email

Example Request Body

	"from": "",
	"host": "",
	"password": "secret",
	"port": 587,
	"username": ""
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