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Add Email Recipient - User interface

Adding email recipients allows you to set global notifications that will trigger email messages whenever a subscribed event occurs. Because the notifications set here are global, they are not linked to a user, so notifications are not restricted to user-defined accounts, jobs, etc. This means you can send notifications to a user who does not have a DataHub account. For example, your Office Administrator or Billing Department may not have user accounts in DataHub, but you can add the corresponding email address to receive notifications regarding your DataHub license expiration so they can ensure proper renewal and payment as needed. 

  1. Select Settings > Notifications.

  2. Select Add email recipient.

  3. The Add email recipient modal opens.

  4. In Email address, enter the email address for the recipient you are creating. This is a required field.

  5. Use the Manage alert categories section to select the events that should trigger an email message to this recipient. Select the down arrow next to category to view the notification options.

  6. Select the box for a notification event. A check mark will display in the box to indicate it has been selected. The total selected notifications will display next to each category name for reference.

  7. Select Save.

  8. The recipient will be added to a list on the right side of the screen for reference.

You can select Configure for an email recipient in the list to edit the notification settings as needed.

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