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Send Test Email Notification - REST API

You can trigger a test email notification using REST API to review what recipients will see when an email notification is delivered. Sending a test notification is not dependent on having configured a notification policy. Use the following JSON to configure your REST API message.

Send a Test Notification

This request will not persist; it is a one-time use request

POST {{url}}v1/notifications/test

Example Request Body





This string identifies the handler that should generate the test notification message. In this test, the value should be “email.”



This string identifies the notification category that should be used for the message. Valid notification values are listed below.

  • “connection-failed”

  • “product-upgrade-available”

  • “license-expired”

  • “license-expiration-warning”

  • “job-failed”

  • “job-completed”


This string identifies the recipient information that should be used for the notification. In this test, include the email address to which you want to send the test message. When including multiple email addresses, use a comma to separate each address, but do not add a comma after the last email address.

List Available Categories Types

List all the categories available to be notified on

GET {{url}}v1/notifications/types

Example Response

    "status": 200,
    "type": "notification_types",
    "notification_types": [
            "id": "connection-failed",
            "name": "Connection failed",
            "description": "Receive a notification whenever a connection fails to open."
            "id": "product-upgrade-available",
            "name": "Upgrade available",
            "description": "Receive a notification when a new version of the software is available."
            "id": "license-expired",
            "name": "License has expired",
            "description": "Receive a notification when your license has expired."
            "id": "license-expiration-warning",
            "name": "License expiry approaching",
            "description": "Receive a notification when your license will expire soon."
            "id": "job-failed",
            "name": "Job failed",
            "description": "Receive a notification whenever a job fails."
            "id": "job-completed",
            "name": "Job completed",
            "description": "Receive a notification whenever a job meets its stop policy."
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