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User Notifications - User Interface

User notifications allow you to send notifications to a user based on subscribed events. User notifications are dependent on the user account setup; the groups and roles assigned to the user determine what connectors and jobs the user can receive notifications for from DataHub. Only connectors and jobs a user has access to based on the user setup will trigger notifications. Notifications can be added to an existing user account or added when creating a new user account.

  1. Select Settings > Users.

  2. Select the user in the list, and select Edit. The Edit user dialog box appears.

  3. Select Notifications.

  4. In Email, enter the user’s email address.

  5. Select the Email box. The available event categories are listed: Connections, Licensing, and Jobs. Select the down arrow next to category to view the notification options.

  6. Select the box for a notification event. A check mark will display in the box to indicate it has been selected. The total selected notifications will display next to each category name for reference.

  7. Select Done.

You can add notifications to a user when creating the account. Select Create user, and complete the user information. You can then assign notifications.



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