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Virtual versions

Virtual versioning is a DataHub feature that allows the transfer of versioned content. With this feature, all versions of a file will be preserved when transferring into a storage platform that does not support versioned content (i.e. network file system or file share). Versioned information displays differently on platforms that don’t support versioning versus how it displays on platforms that support versioning.

Virtual versioning is not globally available; it must be enabled per connection.

Transferring to a Platform That Doesn’t Support Versioning

When transferring from a platform that supports versioning to one that does not, each version of the file becomes a new copy of the original document.

For example, if File1.txt has three versions, three copies of the file will be transferred to the destination: the current file and two copies. The current copy will retain the file name (File1.txt), and the copies will be incremented accordingly. The destination would have the following files after the transfer: File1.txt, FIle1.txt[1], and File1.txt[2].

Transferring to a Platform That Supports Versioning

When transferring virtual versions to a platform that supports versioning, only the current version of the file is listed. There will be a visual indicator that multiple versions of the file exist.

For example, if File1.txt has three versions, only one copy of the file will be on the destination. The additional versions will be identified and be available for viewing based on each platform's method for handling file versions. 

REST API - JSON Configuration

Virtual versioning is not globally available; rather must be enabled per connection. 

To enable virtual versioning through the ReST API, "versioning": true must be added when creating the connection

For example:


POST {{url}}v1/connections
    "name": "\\\\{{NFS_NAME}}\\{{FOLDER}}",
    "platform": {
        "id": "nfs"
    "auth": {
        "unc": "\\\\{{NFS_NAME}}\\{{FOLDER}}",
        "versioning": true

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