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Validate license

After configuring your database. DataHub will then ask you for your license key.

Entering your license key

Your DataHub license will be provided to you after purchase. It should look something like this: 01234567-0123-0123-0123-0123456789ab

Once you have entered your license key, the Activate button will become enabled

  • Click this button to activate the product

You will see a message in green stating that the license was activated successfully

  • Congratulations! You've now successfully licensed DataHub
  • Press Next to continue on to the next section


If something goes wrong, an error message will be displayed in a box below the Activate button:

Verify your license key was entered correctly and try to activate again.

Common causes of failure include:

  • Firewalls blocking port 443 for https
  • Firewalls blocking access to which is the address of our license server
  • DataHub not properly set up to use the corporate proxy server
    • DataHub uses the default proxy server specified for the user account under which it is executing
    • Ensure the proxy server is configured appropriately
  • Ensure no additional spaces or characters were added accidentally with copy/paste
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