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Configure database

DataHub requires you to configure your database in order to keep track of all your files and folders while transferring content.

Important Database Information

If you are using a PostgreSQL database, it must be configured to use English for messages. This is required for DataHub to properly deploy the server. 

Default database: Embedded PostgreSQL

  • Ideal for those less familiar with managing separately installed databases
  • Does not require a paid license; free to use

Here you can begin building your desired database. For ease of use, the "default database" uses an embedded version of PostgreSQL.

  • If you select "Use a different database," you will have the option to either create your own PostgreSQL instance or deploy to SQL Server.

If you do not use the default database, the configuration wizard will ask you to select a database provider.

After selecting a database provider, you will be prompted for connection details.

  • Select "Test Connection" when complete to validate your configuration.
  • If the database is not detected, a warning message will display to indicate that it will be created.
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