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Update policies and procedures

DataHub provides regular software releases that include new functionality, enhancements to existing features, and fixes. While updating your DataHub application is optional, DataHub recommends you keep your application updated to ensure the best performance.

DataHub supports updating to the current release from four versions back. This means you can update your DataHub application from one of the listed release versions to the current version without assistance from DataHub support or without any additional steps.

Current DataHub Version


Update supported from versions


Always ensure you stop the DataHub Manager service in the Services application before attempting to run an update. If the service is running, it can cause locking issues that will prevent the update from successfully completing.

Updating from Older Versions

If you are running a release older than the supported versions listed, you can attempt to update to the latest version at your own risk; however, DataHub recommends you use one of the following options to update to the most recent version:

  1. If you are running version 4.9 or later, call DataHub support to walk you through a graduated update process.

  2. If you are running version 4.8 or earlier, perform a fresh installation using the latest version. This requires you to complete all settings and to recreate all connectors and jobs.

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