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Long file name or invalid path

File error messages

  • Unable to download file because path name is too long
  • Unable to download file because the path name contains invalid characters

Applicable systems: Windows desktop client


Windows has a 260-character limit on the complete path of a file name or limits on the allowable characters in a Windows path name. It's possible to trigger this issue when a computer synchronizes in a folder with a long file name. For example, if the online folder was uploaded from another system running MacOS or Linux, the path name may be invalid on Windows.

Possible remedies

  1. If you have an long file name, rename to a shorter name.
  2. If the file path name is longer than 260 characters, change the synchronized folder's location to a folder with a shorter path. If this is happening because you are syncing files between Windows and Mac desktops, where Mac allows longer paths than Windows, you should unsync the folder, move the Mac folder to another location closer to the drive root then sync that folder. See Using the Windows Client for how to change the folder location.
  3. Check your file name for special characters, such as: / ? < > \ : * | " and any character you can type with the Ctrl key and rename your file. Go to My Syncplicity and check the file name. Illegal characters in path name can occur if a Mac user uploads a file with a name valid on Mac but invalid on Windows. For example, ?.txt is a valid file name on Mac, but not Windows.. If necessary, contact the file owner and have the file renamed to remove the character.

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