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A branch was created against this version of a file

Error message: A branch was created against this version of a file.

Applicable systems: Desktop clients


A separate version (branch) of the original file was created. The separate copy has the author’s user name appended to the file name. This occurs when multiple edits from different Syncplicity clients are saved for the same version of a file at the same time. It also can occur when someone edits an older version of a file.

Sometimes, when multiple copies have been created, the containing folder’s overlay icon changes to the spinner syncing icon.

No branching occurs when files with the same name are uploaded to the My Syncplicity online file browser. The uploaded files overwrite the existing files and become the newest versions. This is because the web browser does not know what version the uploaded file is based on. See Versions.

Possible remedies

Compare the changes in the branched versions to the original file, copy-paste your changes and save again.

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