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Prerequisites to set up Syncplicity for Salesforce

The following are prerequisites for setting up Syncplicity for Salesforce for your Salesforce users. You must fulfill these before you begin the installation and configuration tasks.

Feature activation

Syncplicity for Salesforce is an additional paid feature that needs to be activated on your company account. Contact Syncplicity support at for more information.

See Install Syncplicity Panel for information on how to install Syncplicity for Salesforce.

Syncplicity account prerequisites

The following are Syncplicity account prerequisites.

Enterprise account

You must have a Syncplicity Enterprise account with administrator privileges. This is the service account. It is also sometimes called a global tenant administrator account.

As an administrator, you must create an application programming interface (API) user to obtain an API token that is used to make API calls from the Syncplicity for Salesforce back-end service to Syncplicity APIs. The API user is non-interactive and cannot log on to

The Syncplicity service account is the owner of Salesforce root folder in Syncplicity. The root Salesforce folder is shared with read-only permissions to all users. This meets the requirement that all users can access all files for all Salesforce records.

End-user account A Syncplicity end-user account that an end-user can use to log on to the Syncplicity Panel in Salesforce. The Syncplicity administrator can create end-user accounts for many users.

Salesforce account prerequisites

The following are Salesforce account prerequisites.

Administrator account A Salesforce administrator account to install and configure the Syncplicity Panel package, link the installed package to the Syncplicity service account, and access administrator settings.
End-user account A Salesforce end-user account to access the Syncplicity Panel in Salesforce and access Syncplicity files and folders. See Getting started with Syncplicity for Salesforce.
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