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Search for folders or files

Use this procedure to run searches in the Syncplicity Panel. With the search feature you can find files and folders that you own or that have been shared with you.

  1. Navigate to a folder. This can be the .files folder or any subfolder. You can use the breadcrumb to navigate, or click a subfolder to go to another subfolder.
  2. Type the string or words to search for in the Search field.
  3. Optionally, click the filters icon to refine the search conditions. See the table.
  4. Press Enter or click the magnifying glass search icon to run the search.

Search only is available if your administrator has contacted Syncplicity support to enable it for the Syncplicity Panel.

The following graphic shows the search filters that you can display by clicking the funnel icon.

The following table describes the default and available search conditions for filtering a search. To set a filter condition different than the default:

  1. Click a filter.
  2. Select a condition and click Apply.

To return to the default setting, click a filter and click Reset.

Default Available
Any Type Limit to folders only or to a specific file type
Any Size Multiple size ranges between 0-1MB and 1GB+
Any Time Multiple age ranges between last 24 hours and older than last year
Current Folder and Subfolder Current folder only
Anyone Me

If you navigate to to the .files folder and use the default Current Folder and Subfolder filter, the search encompasses the .files folder and all subfolders. If you navigate to a subfolder of the .files folder, there is no option to search above the current folder. You can search the current folder and subfolders or current folder only.

Once search results are displayed, you can run another search using the same filter settings, from the same current folder, by entering keywords and running the search again. Or you can change the filters or navigate to a different folder and run another search.

Syncplicity for Salesforce is not integrated with the Salesforce global search function.

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