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Access files in Salesforce mobile app

Use this procedure to access the Syncplicity Panel in the Salesforce mobile app.

To access Syncplicity files in the Salesforce mobile app, the following applies if you have an iOS device and your organization has single sign-on authentication. You first must log on to the Syncplicity Panel in a browser before you can access the panel in the mobile app. See Getting started with Syncplicity for Salesforce for how to log on to the panel in a browser.

  1. Log on to Salesforce in the mobile app.
  2. Tap an object that has been enabled for Syncplicity for Salesforce. For example, Accounts.
  3. Open an item under the selected object. For example, open an account.
  4. Tap More and then scroll down and tap Syncplicity to open the Syncplicity Panel. See other topics in this guide for using the panel. Note that this step is an example of where you can find the Syncplicity Panel on the app. Your administrator might have configured different navigation to access it.

Some actions you can do in the Syncplicity Panel in a browser you cannot do in the mobile app. For example, you cannot drag-and-drop a file to upload to Syncplicity. Instead, tap Upload to upload a file.

You can stream video files in the Syncplicity Panel. Simply click a video file to play. File types supported by devices for video streaming are in the following table.

File type iPhone iPad Android
MP4 Yes Yes Yes
OGG No No No
WEBM No No Yes

In addition, no devices support the following video file types for streaming. If your device supports downloading, you can download these files and play locally.


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