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Summary of actions in Syncplicity Panel

The following table summarizes actions you can do for files and folders in the Syncplicity Panel in Salesforce. See Tour of the Syncplicity Panel for more details.

Action Files Folders
Create n/a Create subfolders under the .files folder
  • Share with Salesforce and non-Salesforce users
  • Share public links or secured links according to company policy
  • Paste shared links in Chatter conversations
  • Salesforce user with edit access can share with anyone (requires recipients to have or create a Syncplicity account)
  • Can manage participants of shared folders
Rename Can rename files Can rename subfolders of .files folders
Delete Can delete files (cannot view or restore deleted files) Can delete subfolders of .files folders (cannot delete folders above .files folders)
Preview Can preview files of supported file types n/a
Can stream HTML5 video files (.mp4, .ogg, .webm) in a browser n/a
  • Can upload one file at a time or multi-select
  • Drag-and-drop supported in a browser
Download Can download files n/a
Versions Can view and download versions (cannot restore) n/a
Search Can search files Can search folders
E-sign Can send documents for e-signing with Adobe Sign n/a
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