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About this user guide

This guide is for users of Salesforce who belong to organizations that have enabled Syncplicity for Salesforce. You can view and manage files and folders in Salesforce that have been synchronized in Syncplicity and shared with you or that you have shared with others.

What you need

You need a Salesforce account and a Syncplicity account. The Syncplicity account is managed by your organization. Once you have a Syncplicity account, you can log on to Salesforce and view and manage the files and folders you or others have synchronized in Syncplicity and the Syncplicity files and folders others have shared with you. You also can log on to the My Syncplicity online file browser and view and manage the same files and folders.

Contact your administrator if you need a Salesforce or Syncplicity account. 

Who should use this guide

You should use this guide to get started using Syncplicity for Salesforce and learn basics for using the Syncplicity synchronization and sharing features in the Salesforce user interface.

Other recommended reading is Syncplicity user documentation related to My Syncplicity.

This guide is intended for end users. If you are an administrator of Salesforce or Syncplicity see Syncplicity for Salesforce for administrators.

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