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Syncplicity user reports

Syncplicity reporting provides users visibility into the activity within their account by allowing them to run and export several reports without the need to contact an administrator.

Additional reporting capabilities are available to your company administrators. See About Syncplicity reports for more information.

To get this Syncplicity reports for users activated, please email or contact your Syncplicity Customer Success manager.

Available Reports


There are four available reports for users:

User console reports tab

To access the user reports page, click Account then Reports. From this page you can choose which reports to run by selecting the report name from the Select report type drop down menu.

The parameter entry area of the reports page changes to correspond with the selected report.


Running and viewing reports



  1. Enter the required data in the parameter entry area of the report. The fields may vary depending on the selected report.
  2. Click the Export Report button. When the input is validated, you are prompted to either accept or edit the default file name of the report's CSV output file. Add information to the default filename to assist in the future with identifying the specific report's purpose. Once done, click Export.
    The export job is then submitted to the reports server and queued for processing. When the report's CSV output file is generated, it is uploaded to the designated Syncplicity Folder. By default, reports are added to the Syncplicity Reports folder in your account. This may be changed by your administrator (see Configuring the reporting folders). 
  3. Access the report files by clicking on the View files link in the Export Report dialog box, or navigate to the Files tab on the Syncplicity website. 
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