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Receiving shared links

Shared folder or file links can be opened by users with a Syncplicity account.

When you share a folder or file to an email address that is not registered with a Syncplicity account, the recipient needs to go through a verification procedure and create their Syncplicity account. Initially an email with the subject line “A Folder has been shared with you” or “A File has been shared with you” is sent. Users need to click on the shared link within the email notification and they will be directed to a landing page asking them to enter their email address.


After entering the email and clicking Next, a new email notification is sent to the recipient and they are asked to enter the verification code contained within it.


After successful verification, the user will be asked to enter their names, select a password and choose a privacy region. Once done, they will be redirected to the file or folder shared with them.

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