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Download files and folders in bulk

The bulk download feature in My Syncplicity allows you to select and download multiple files and folders as a single zip file. This is useful when you need to send multiple files to your extended teams, or when you are not using the Syncplicity desktop application, but need to work with those files on your computer.

Currently this feature is available to users on a personal (free) plan only for folders shared with them by Business or Enterprise Edition users.

To familiarize yourself with the feature, see the below demo or continue reading.

Download flow

Go to the Files section in My Syncplicity and select the files and folders you need downloaded. You can use tick the checkboxes next to each item, or use standard multiple selection options like Ctrl+click  (Command+click for Mac), Shift+click, Ctrl+A (Command+A for Mac), etc. The checkboxes are visible when edit mode is enabled (it is enabled by default). If you have disabled it previously, click show edit mode  to turn it on once again.

Once you have selected the items you want to download, click download from the taskbar menu, or right-click and select the same option from the context menu. 

It is not possible to download multiple root folders as a single zip file.


The Bulk Download Status dialog box appears. Under the In progress tab you can see the bulk download requests you have triggered. The name of each zip file includes the name of the parent folder in Syncplicity, as well as a timestamp indicating the time of the request. If you are downloading a root folder, the zip file name will include the root folder name plus a timestamp. Expand the dialog to view the full name of the zip file, in case it is too long.


Once the download request is completed, your browser prompts you to approve the download and the file is saved locally. It remains available in the download status dialog box under the Ready to download tab. Click Download next to the respective file to trigger the action again, if needed.


Your web browser prompts you to download the zip file through a pop-up window. If you have a pop-up blocker activated on your browser, it may block the download pop-up. To resolve this, please allow pop-ups from Syncplicity on your browser (or the on-premise URL, if you have set up an on-premise storage). 

The downloaded zip file contains all files and folders you have selected, with the exception of empty folders or files (0 bytes data). The folder structure is kept the same as in your Syncplicity account.

You can remove any download in progress or archive ready for download by clicking the 'X' next to it. 

If you close the dialog box, all downloads in progress are cancelled and the zip files under Ready to download are no longer be available.

Possible reasons for failed download

Whenever a download request fails, the same will be indicated in download status dialog box. A notification explaining the reason is displayed above the Search bar in your browser window.

A download request fails when:

  • You attempt to download only empty folders or files
  • The total size of the files you want to download exceeds the limit of 20 GB
  • Тhe DLP feature of the platform is used and the selection contains at least one file or folder which contains sensitive data. The DLP forbids the download of such files.

  • Your selection includes deleted files or folders. Those need to be restored before they can be downloaded.


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