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Send files for signing with Adobe Sign in My Syncplicity

This topic describes sending files to recipients to sign with Adobe Sign in My Syncplicity. Also described are tracking the status of files sent for signature and retrieving copies of signed files.


  • You must have an Adobe Sign account to send a file for signing in My Syncplicity.
  • The Adobe Sign Integration feature must be enabled on your account. Contact with a request to activate it.

Supported file types

The following are the supported file types for sending a file to sign with Adobe Sign.


Send a file to a recipient to sign

Use this procedure to send a file to a recipient to sign with Adobe Sign.

  1. Log on to My Syncplicity in a browser.
  2. Navigate to a file and select.
  3. Do one of the following to open the Send with Adobe Sign dialog:
    • Right-click a file and click Send with Adobe Sign.
    • Click send with Adobe Sign in the black toolbar.
  4. Type the email address of the recipient. You can enter multiple addresses.
  5. Click OK. Another dialog is displayed to inform that you will be redirected to log on to Adobe Sign. Click OK again.
  6. Log on to Adobe Sign when prompted. A message is displayed in My Syncplicity when the file is sent successfully. The recipients receive email messages prompting them to click a link and sign the file. Once signed, they receive another email with the signed file attached.

Check status of files sent for signing

Use this procedure to check whether recipients have signed files and to retrieve PDF versions of the signed files.

  1. Log on to My Syncplicity in a browser.
  2. Navigate to the folder of the file you had sent for signing. A status indicator below file name shows whether any of the recipients have signed.
  3. If anyone has signed, click Retrieve to fetch a PDF of the signed file. The signed files are displayed just below the file sent for signing.
  4. Click Retrieve if more recipients have signed or click Complete if all recipients have signed or you want to end the signing process.
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