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File locking

The following topics describe using file locking in My Syncplicity. When you are working on a file with multiple collaborators, you can lock the file. This prevents others from making changes until the lock expires or you unlock the file. 

When multiple users simultaneously edit an unlocked shared file, Syncplicity creates a copy of the file for each additional user to verify that all changes are saved and no work is lost. This results in multiple copies of the file that must be merged manually to the master version of the file. The Syncplicity file locking feature prevents creating multiple versions and allows owners and users with editor rights of shared files to lock the content while editing and verify their changes are saved to the master version of the file.

File locking is available for the files owned by users with Enterprise edition accounts, provided file locking is enabled for their organization. This allows all Editor role users to lock the files in their organization.

File locking does not prevent users from editing a downloaded copy of a locked file.

In addition, some audit reports include data about file locking:

Review the following topics to understand how file locking works.

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