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Delete a file

When a file is deleted, it is marked as a deleted file; however, it can be restored or permanently deleted.

NOTE: You can only delete files in folders if you are the Owner or have editor rights.

To turn the deleted file on (or off), click the show deleted items icon in the files section. When enabled, you can view all of the folders and files marked for deletion.

Since the deleted folder or file is not permanently deleted, you can select the particular folder or file and restore it or download the file. Downloading the file allows you to download a copy of the file on your computer. The restore option marks the file as restored. Note, the deleted folders and files are grayed out and marked as Deleted.

To permanently remove files from Syncplicity, select the permanently delete option to delete it permanently. This action is not reversible and should only be performed when you are certain you wish this action to be permanent.

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