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Attaching files in Add-in for Office 365

You can email shared links to files instead of sending the files as attachments to your email. One advantage is that you can now send files that are normally too large to send through email or were prevented from being sent due to Exchange size limitations.


  1. In Outlook, choose to send a new email or reply to an email.
  2. Click Apps for Office (or Add-ins if using Office 365) and select the Syncplicity app. The Syncplicity app appears in a sidebar. 

  3. If prompted, log in to your Syncplicity account. Once logged in the main menu appears.
  4. Review your link options. In the example, each user must enter a password to access the file. This password is auto-generated and sent along with the email. For the procedure to change your link options, see Configuring link options.
    • To send files from your local system, perform the following:
      1. Click Attach local files.
      2. Use the pop-up to locate and select the files to send. When you send the email, your files are uploaded to a special folder in your Syncplicity account and the links to them are included in your email.
    • To send links to files that you already have in your Syncplicity account, perform the following:
      1. Click Attach from Syncplicity.
      2. Navigate through your Syncplicity folders (folders that you own and folders shared with you) and select the files that to share. You can select files from multiple locations. You can also search for files and sort the files to find the ones that you want to share. The selected files appear in the right pane.
  5. Click Attach when done. The links to your files are added to your email.

  6. Send the email. Recipients of your email can click a link to download that file. 



The Syncplicity platform can store very big files, but the ability to upload such files may be limited by the browser.

Microsoft Edge Legacy browser is not able to upload files bigger than 2 GB to Syncplicity.

The Outlook desktop application embeds a mini-browser, which actually runs the Syncplicity for Office 365 add-in.

In older versions of Outlook, the embedded browser is Internet Explorer 11. In current versions it is based on the Edge Legacy browser and in the future (as of January 2021) it will be embedding a mini-browser based on the new Edge Chromium. For up-to-date information on the embedded browser used by Outlook you can read the official Microsoft documentation.

If you need to share by e-mail a file bigger than 2 GB follow these steps:

  1. Upload your big file using any browser, except Microsoft Edge Legacy, to My Site in Syncplicity.
  2. Inside Syncplicity for Office 365 add-in choose "Attach from Syncplicity" and select the file you have uploaded.

The add-in can mix attachments from local files or attachments from Syncplicity, so you need to use the above steps only for files above 2 GB.

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