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Configuring Link Options

The Outlook Add-in has various link protection options that can be used to secure access to your files.

Your administrator may have set policies that supersede the link options. In this case, you can only view the settings. Otherwise, you can configure one or more of these options.

  • You can require recipients to log in to their Syncplicity account. Therefore, any recipient must have a Syncplicity account to access your file.
  • You can require recipients to enter a password before accessing the shared link. For passwords, you can choose to have the Outlook Add-in generate a password automatically each time you send a shared link, always use the same password which you need to enter one time, or prompt you to provide a password each time you send an email using the Outlook Add-in. The password is always automatically included in the email. If you want to remove the password from the email and communicate it separately, just edit the content like you would for any other email.
  • You can choose to expire a shared link after a specific number of days. After which, recipients can no longer access the file.

To access these settings, click Link options in the Syncplicity menu. To not use any of these settings, clear all the checkboxes.


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